18 November, 2009

Florence Muhonja

Joy: Florence Muhonja

Her smile is the first thing you notice and the second is her contagious laughter. Both are prominent as you speak to Flo and both are continual. Even when discussing her past and present situation her smile never waivers and neither does her unparalleled joy. Originally from Western Kenya, her position in Kawangware consists of being a wife, mother, Health Community Worker, WEMA group leader and most importantly she says a follower of Christ. Flo lives with only the memory of her three sisters that have passed away and after the post election violence a year and a half ago she has seen more than her share of hardship and suffering. But despite all that still grasps on to hope for herself and her family as well as her country. She sees Kenya's problems rooted in Tribalism and selfishness and only sees life improving if all Kenyan's unify and simply love each other. As one of the leaders of the WEMA group she continues to bring forth a spirit of unity and selflessness, naturally wrapped in a smile.

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