17 November, 2009

Rebah Nyarozo

Entrepreneur: Rebah Nyarozo

Rebah spends most of her day making the paper beads but when asked about other work she instantly sits a bit taller and explains that she has a small scale business selling ground nuts. She smiles and you can see the dignity that she gets from providing for her 8 children all alone. Two of these were her brothers, who has passed away but now stay with her and are raised by her. She tells me that before the post election violence she ran many small businesses but they were taken away. But then her face immediately transforms as she changes the subject and needs to explain to me that sometimes she gets worried when she gets sick. Often she is unable to take care of all the children and provide food, shelter and school fees. She then worries that when she dies, which she knows will come due to the infection, who will be left to take care of them. Her face alters again and a look of peace comes over her and she says 'I live longer with God, I know this' and 'maybe i start new business'.

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