08 December, 2009

Beatrice Jahenda

Contentment: Beatrice Jahenda

Most of the women in the WEMA group have a viewpoint that things need to change in Kenya. That THEY have to change. They have ideas, insights and plans to get Kenya to the place in which it should/could be in the future. Beatrice says none of that. She says instead that 'Kenya is good' and that she is appreciative for the ARV (Antiretroviral drug) that the US provides but would not seek to ask for anything more. Her quality of life has improved drastically since she is fortunate enough to be taking them. Even after living 20 years in Kawangware she says that she never expected life to be easy and that there certainly was and would continue to be challenges. Beatrice accepts the challenges, hardships and life in Kawangware as it is for she is content to have life itself.

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