25 May, 2010

Violet Lupisia

Faithfulness - Violet Lupisia

Violet herself is not infected with HIV but is a caregiver for those in her family that are. Her face alters from a shy smile to that of seriousness as she explains the importance of faithfulness. 'It is important to be faithful.' Immediately what comes to mind is that she is referring to her family but as i ask her to further explain, she states clearly and without hesitation that for those that do not have this disease they must not get it. That was the first thing. Many people die from HIV because of a lack of faithfulness to husbands and wives going outside their commitments. In addition to that those in Kenya are suffering. The gap between rich and poor is increasing, discrimination due to tribal group, rise of HIV/AIDS and repercussions of the post election violence are only some of the reminders to her of unfaithfulness. Her face changes again and she smiles and laughs saying that the answer to these things are simple and i am old enough to know that. All of Kenya would be taken care of if we would all just remain faithful. To one another. To our families. To our government. To our faith and to what we know to be right and wrong. The answer is simple.

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