25 May, 2010

Judith Yomba

Judith Yomba


Born in Kawangware, Judith has 5 children that she supports along with her husband. She has been HIV positive for the last 11 years now and often worries about tomorrow and what will happen to her family when she has passed away. She says 'it is life' and she is right. Most of the women in the WEMA (goodness) group are infected themselves and are the sole providers for their families. But she tells me that although she worries she is still encouraged. Her eyes crease on the corners as she smiles and takes out a letter that was written by her 9 year old daughter. The letter, written for a school project, exclaims that when she grows up she will become a doctor so that she can cure her mother. Judith says her daughter has good marks and could very well be a doctor and that she will do everything she can to keep her in school. She is determined that her little girl will live a different, healthy, more desirable life than her. There is no hesitation when she says this because there is no doubt that the outcome of her life will be favourable.

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