25 May, 2010

Mariselina Kageha

Free-spirited: Mariselina Kageha

For 38 years Mariselina has lived in Kawangware. She has seen it change politically, geographically, religiously and economically. This mama is unique. Not only is she the oldest mama in the group but she is the most outspoken. She constantly is talking, cracking jokes and trying to make everyone laugh, revolt against the government and chanting to bring back Moi or Kenyatta. But as we drink our chai, Mariselina states that she needs to tell me something. She shakes her head as she speaks of the change in Kawangware over the last few years. Before the post election violence neighbours/people were friendly to one another but now they are enemies. Kenyans used to help each other, there was grace if you couldn't pay your rent. Neighbours would pitch in and help one another but now everyone feels as if they are on their own. But this group she explains to me are sisters and are changing things back to how they were. They not only help each other emotionally and spiritually because they see each other every day but are also able to help out financially if need be. She takes care of 12 people besides herself and is proud of this accomplishment but says that she could not do any of it without the support of this group. She pauses and looks me in the eye then exclaims 'Bring back Moi!

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