25 May, 2010

Jane Muthoni

Peacemaker: Jane Muthoni

Jane is driven to mobilise and empower those in Kawangware through the message of peace. The hope she sees for Kenya, for Kawangware and for herself lies in not getting back into the condition they were in during the post election violence. 'We are trying to put the broken pieces back together from the grassroots to the national level.' She speaks of peace not only to other women's groups but in churches as well and sees conflict as a way to keep the country in turmoil. She puts things into perspective as she describes those less privileged than herself and how she is called to help them in whatever small way she can. Jane, in our western standards, would be considered underprivileged or poor, but believes strongly that peace has to take root in her first before it reaches all of Kenya and by reaching out a helpful hand to someone in need, is one more step closer to the peace process.

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