17 August, 2010

Florence Andisi


On August 4th, Kenya will vote on a Referendum to it's Constitution. Many of the women in the WEMA group do not understand why they are voting the way they are but simply follow their appointed leadership. As the second youngest member in the group, at the age of 25, her and Beatrice keep a watchful eye on the progress of the Constitution and understand what it entails. She believes that Kenya's problems steam from it's leadership. Actually she says she knows it does. She had only been living in Nairobi 5 years when the post election violence happened. Florence moved here with her husband and 4 children (3 of them her sisters who passed away) to look for work. She recalls a few years ago when houses were burnt down, tear gas was constant at night, sleep never came, jobs were lost and food was scarce. She remembers and is grateful for those of her friends and family that took her and her family in and helped them. Florence was idle for over a year before her aunt, Marselina, invited her to join the group. Every day Florence says she is grateful for this group. For their support, their love, their insights on how to be a mother and wife... but the only thing is, she says laughing, is now she has 40 aunties and mamas in her business.

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