17 August, 2010

Florence Nyaboke


"I know what it is like to pray for your daily bread..." says Florence as we sit down to talk. She explains that she does not mind working for her daily bread and never expects a handout. Trying to figure out and discover how each day she will feed herself and her 9 children would make anyone anxious but she is calm. She expects to work hard for what she gets and does not take help lightly. Florence used to own a small clothing kiosk but like many small businesses in Kawangware, it closed down 8 months ago when she couldn't make the rent payments. With 11 mouths to feed besides her own, Florence looks for methods in which to provide for her family. She registers with support groups, churches and NGO's, all for different reasons. The support groups and churches are a constant support emotionally and can help each other out with small loans if absolutely necessary. The NGO's and other development organisations give her training and a method in which she can use her abilities to generate an income. Florence does not believe that sadness or despair over her circumstances helps anything, but instead says she thanks God every day that she is able to put food on the table and shelter over their heads.

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