17 August, 2010

Pauline Auma


Pauline's husband died leaving behind her and 6 children. She says she was lucky to remarry and find someone else as many widows do not. Her current husband does not share responsibility for providing for another man's children so the burden falls solely on her. Her children, her husband, her extended family all look to her to be their strength in times of difficulty. Pauline can't explain why it falls on her but says she prays every day for strength and is always answered. Somehow she always finds a way of being that pillar her family needs and she says often she relies upon her friends for emotional support. She recalls a few months back when she was locked out of her house because she couldn't pay rent and how discouraged she was. She came to the WEMA group to work any ways and was able to get a loan out of the money they saved together and was able to pay the landlord. Strength comes in all shapes and sizes and Pauline explains that the mama's she works with, help to give her strength so that in return she can be strong for those who need her.

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