17 August, 2010

Wilimina Odimbo (Museve)


Wilimina does not smile often but when she does it radiates upon anyone near her. As i tell her she should smile more frequently I'm met with a lowered head and shrugged shoulders. 10 years ago she moved to Kawangware. Originally from Nyanza she married young and lived with her husbands family until she was tossed away because she was not able to bear children. She explained how she couldn't go back to her family disgraced so she moved to Nairobi to find work. She smiles again, twice in one day, (my luck abounds) and says now she has 3 children that she takes care of since her sisters passing. She runs a small scale green grocery in addition to the bead work and explains that after the post election violence things have got even more difficult. Prices went up on everything and since most in Kawangware were living in the margins already, situations got desperate. Wilimina says it is very easy to lose hope, without a job, without money for school fees, insecurity...but she still holds on to optimism for herself and her country. She says things must change and they will. Corruption must end and it will. Leaders must take responsibility and they will. She said that like when the rains come, so will change and it will wash away all that is bad and prepare the ground for something good. .

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