07 September, 2010

Absolom Kisai


Most Kenyan men do not like to share work alongside women. They see it as beneath them but Absolom, not only is used to it but sees the positives of working alongside women. As a health promoter in the community he sees the women, not the men, as accepting of their HIV status and willing to take advice on how their quality of life can improve. Not only that but women are a lot of times sole providers and are the ones that can improve the families circumstances. By having his role in the community as well as being part of the WEMA group, Absolom hopes to be an example for other men. The norm is for men to only take certain jobs that are considered 'masculine' but by modelling a good work ethic that is not based upon those roles he hopes to changes things. He doesn't mind working hard trying to provide for his family but accepts his role and the work he does. Like, many of the mamas he hopes to give his children a better quality of life than he got and will do whatever it takes to achieve that.

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