07 September, 2010

Conslata Anyango


"I'm a mother" says Conslata with her head held high. That's an understatement. With 9 children and 5 orphans in her charge, Conslata is a mother times 14. She has seen Kenya through many changes and originally came to Nairobi to work in 1983. My interview with her took the longest of everyone in the WEMA group. This mama can talk and would even put my mom, a notorious chatty Cathy, to shame. We talked about the Swiss and French families she used to work for, the death of a child, her hope for her great-grandchildren, the new constitution, providing without a husband and much much more. Her hard work, dedication and resilience not only make her a force to be reckoned with but someone who speaks with authority and understanding. She believes the new constitution, when implemented, will bring more jobs so that her children can have opportunities she didn't. Conslata doesn't mind the daily struggle to sustain herself and her family but instead sees the challenge as the opportunity her children and her children's children will have that she didn't.

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