07 September, 2010

Dorcus Musimbi


Life is hard alone, Dorcus tells me, but there is something about a group that works together to boost their lives that makes life easier. Not in competition but collaboration to improve themselves and their families well-being. Dorcus, like 90% of the mamas in the WEMA group are either widows or husbands have left them. Many mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children have died of AIDS and so in many ways they do feel alone. But she looks at me seriously and says 'But we are not alone. We have each other. That is important.' They know of one another's suffering, heartache, physical and emotional pain, etc. and are able to not only support but understand and share in that suffering on a daily basis. Even with her 8 children Dorcus says she sometimes feels like she is alone but once she sets foot into Kabiro (area of Kawangware), that feeling goes away and she is happy to chat about groundnuts, the Prime Minster, school fees and life in general. But the new favourite topic is how to best marry the Business Manger for Asante Sana off....

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