07 September, 2010

Elizabeth Mmaitsi


"It used to be like a dictatorship in Kenya, but now we are seen", Elizabeth says with authority. There was more police harassment, more corruption and those at the grassroots were forgotten. Now, with the new constitution, she believes things have changed. There is a restored faith in the political leaders that peace will continue and build. Kenyans had been promised a new constitution since independence and this month they finally got what they had been longing for. I ask her what she thought of the celebration that took place on August 27th and she says it was a very happy time but that the only bad thing was that al-Bashir showed up. Omar al-Bashir is Sudan's President that has a ICC warrant out for his arrest for crimes against humanity. Elizabeth was under the impression he has already been arrested and sees this instance as a way the celebration was tainted, but as she smiles and shakes her head, she says that it's not important. Change is. The only thing is that there is a new constitution and it means things will progress positively. That's it. There's no need to say to more.

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