07 September, 2010

Josephine Khamede


"The government has heard the cries of the people and they will now look after us" Josephine says, as we begin to talk. She has lived in Kawangware long enough to know it in peace, in conflict, in famine and now after the new constitution, a hope for the better. She believes that the new constitution reflects the wishes of all Kenyans. Josephine explains that compared to two years ago when the post-election violence took place.. after the election was 'stolen' by the President...things were bad. There was little accountability and much corruption. But with the balance of having a President and Prime Minister things have changed. Kenyan politicians have been held to a higher standard. She explains the government has and will continue to become more straight forward and merciful to those impoverished. By thinking of others and not themselves it will change the country. As she shrugs her shoulders and leans back she explains that 'we should love each other...it is the key for life...without it there is nothing...love is the key.' I tend to agree with Josephine.

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