07 September, 2010

Julius Korir


Julius understands the need to care for the orphans since he himself is one. He was under 18 when both his parents passed away and instead of staying around he decided to sell the family cows and go get an education. He is always ready and quick to learn anything new as well as come up with his own ideas for how things should be. It's never done in a authoritative manner but in humility and enthusiasm. Every day when i see Julius he has a new idea for a product or new skill that he has learned. Back in Eldorett, where he was born and lived most of his life, he was constantly reminded of death and that he was alone. Julius likes living in Kawangware and says laughingly that God blesses him since he is an orphan because now he has 30 mama's looking after him and giving him advice whether he wants it or not. He currently takes care of two of his cousins that were orphaned and needs and gets much insight on how to raise them from the group. He loves these mama's and they love and respect him. He knows that he can ask them anything and they in turn give their knowledge and love freely to this young man who has chosen to work to support himself and his family

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