07 September, 2010

Leah Kageha


Leah would like to go home some day. She was born in Kakamega but has lived the last 30 years in Kawangware. She has seen many changes happen in Kawangware in that time but doesn't recall them with much detail. It's not a memory issue but simply a way to forget the bad in the past and have hope for the future. She knows change will come with the new constitution. There is no doubt and for someone who has lived through many things, i don't doubt her experience. Under the new constitution the issue of land has been introduced. It's likely that if implemented precisely, Leah could be returning home with land in her name. It's not only the physical land she hopes for but the peace that it promised along with it. A peace that has been disrupted by corrupt politicians and marginalisation of the impoverished. For one who has lived and experienced much of Kenya's history post British occupancy, to express that a 'very big change' is and will come,does not fall on deaf ear. This mama's hope is something to be rivalled and revered, as well as looked upon as a valuable resource that Kenya offers.

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