07 September, 2010

Margaret Musimbi


In Kenya when you ask a woman how many children she has she only tells you of the ones she gave birth to. But by asking the follow up question of 'How many orphans' you can get a more accurate picture of exactly how many children one mama takes care of. Margaret has 5 children and 4 orphans in her charge and brings a whole new meaning to the term 'single mother'. Her husband left her after she moved to Nairobi 10 years ago and since has been raising and supporting the 9 on her own. She is excited about the new constitution and what it means for herself as a single mother. There is a birth clause that if implemented could help many of the mama's in Kawangware and Kenya. Many of the 'boyfriends or husbands' of these women can and do walk away from the family and sneer any sort of responsibility for their children. This clause could mean that the fathers of their children would be held financially responsible for their child's well-being. It wouldn't be a huge compensation but enough to help educate the kids. Margaret has thought long and hard over this clause and is excited for its possibility. She says repeatedly that everything helps no matter how small or insignificant it could be.

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