07 September, 2010

Nathan Lodenyo


Nathan is very quiet and finds it difficult to express himself. His soft demeanour is overpowered by the chatty mamas on a daily basis. His main job in the WEMA group is to do the varnishing of the beads. He is proud of his contribution and his role within the group. Nathan left his home and family in Western Kenya 7 years ago to come find work in Nairobi. He is the sole provider for his large family of 14 and two years ago he brought his family to join him in Kawangware. He used to do mostly manual labour as a way of generating income but finds it difficult these last few years since he is getting older. He is not ashamed of the work he does now but instead sees dignity in making the paper beads/ jewellery. "It doesn't matter how you get money to provide for your family..only thing is that you provide" he says firmly. But then even more quietly asks if its okay if he can go back to work.

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