07 September, 2010

Rukia Wambundo


Rukia wears many hats. That of WEMA group member, mother of 12 children, community worker, entrepreneur and teacher are just a few of them. She has made many crafts in the past but struggled with finding a market for them. She currently sells soap, is a seamstress and weaves baskets in addition to the paper bead making. She does not hoard the knowledge she has but is consistently going to other women's groups to share and teach income generating activities. She hopes to one day soon to go back to Mombasa, where she was born, and set up a shop on land promised through the new constitution. She knows things will change with its implementation and one thing she dreams of is that her daughter will someday be a member of parliament. "It's not that shenzi of a dream" she explains, but it has to happen to someone's daughter, so why not hers? My thoughts exactly.

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